David is a visual artist, creative technologist and spatial designer based in London. He uses game engines, immersive technologies, 3D-printing and metalwork to create immersive experiences, cinematics, virtual spaces and physical objects for the purpose of eco-storytelling and political activism. The Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as Climate Change are prevalent topics explored in his work.

   He has 12 months of work experience at dMFK Architects during which time he was involved in the development of projects in London and Frankfurt for The Office Group and has worked across RIBA stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

   David holds a BSc in Architecture from the BHT Berlin as well as a MA in Interior and Spatial Design from the University of the Arts London. Outside of work he’s a keen music producer and likes to take part in any art related activities.


Shortlisted for the Creative Enterprise Awards at University of The Arts London, 2022
Under 25 Residency at Makerversity in Somerset House, 2022
Incubate UAL at University of The Arts London, 2021/2022