This sequence is set on a gloomy, desolate island depicted as "Limbo," a liminal space between life and death, a lobby to the afterlife where humans are sent after their voyage on earth, and then transported to the next realm. However, amidst Limbo's despair and uncertainty, hope emerges, manifested by nature and its inhabiting creatures, such as birds and horses. The birds and horses depicted in the opening scene represent the connection between the natural and spiritual realm, offering a sense of continuity and interconnectedness between different planes of existence.

The cinematic then follows to show a human in a fetal position, unconscious and covered in scriptures representing burdens of their past life. The fetal position denotes vulnerability, as the human is lost in desolation. Suddenly, the human opens opens their eyes, and the transformative power of hope engulfs their soul, levitating them towards a higher state of existence, breaking free from the confines of Limbo.

Soundtrack by: Henry Mercer