Simulation, Installation, Sculpture - 2021

The video above presents a full first-person walkthrough of the simulation controlled by the author.

This simulation showcases a fashion collection by the fictional label “Singularity”, simulating an experience of how and where fashion could be showcased in 25 years’ time using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

In this simulation, every room or space within the Tate Tanks is populated with sculptures or mannequins used to display the collection. These digital sculptures not only showcase the garments of the collection but also represent and embody topics contained within the technological singularity theory. The topics are as follows: Blockchain, Space Exploration, Weaponisation of Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and Climate Change.

All fluid and gas simulations as well as player movements are fully interactive. Every space has a unique soundscape produced by sound artists Sid Talukdar and Shun Momose, representing the sculpture and their respective concept. The soundscapes are triggered when the player enters a different space and intensifies in amplitude the closer one gets to the sound source.

Cinematic sequence showcasing the spaces and sculptures in the simulation.


Interactive Installation
Makerversity at Somerset House

Sound Design by: Sid Talukdar and Shun Momose